Vocational Shops

  • Culinary/Hospitality - In this program, students will learn the skills necessary to seek employment in the culinary and hospitality industries. Students will learn about cooking, baking, professional table service, and front-of-the-house management, and catering services. Successful students will learn to multi-task, listen carefully, and communicate clearly as they develop proficiency, knowledge, and skills necessary for success in these industries. Students will develop these skills in order to plan, cater and host an end of year meal.

    Multimedia Communications - In this program, students will learn and practice essential 21st century multimedia skills necessary in industries such as graphic design, marketing, web design and many others. Students will use these skills for an end of year project such as a video yearbook, print yearbook or other projects based on student interest.

    Landscape/Home Improvement - This program is for students that prefer to work outdoors when weather permits and learn important skills in and around the house. Students will learn the proper safety and technical skills to operate landscape and carpentry equipment as well as how to plan and order materials necessary to complete projects. These skills will be used to for an end of year project to help rehabilitate an area of need in the community or at Valley Collaborative.

    Elementary and Middle School Education - This program is for students who have an interest in working with elementary and middle school children. Students receive a snapshot of working with children ages 7-14 in our elementary and middle school classrooms. Students will learn about child development, responsibility, professional attitude, cooperation and communication.

Culinary shop