Outdoor Education Program

  • Mountain climbers The philosophy of the Outdoor Education Program (OE) is to expose our students to a wide array of environments and opportunities in which they may not typically be able to experience. Living in New England, we are lucky enough to enjoy a geographically eclectic landscape; the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Atlantic ocean, Essex River Basin, and so much more just a small distance away. Positive risk taking is a strong component of the OE Program, along with the development of trust and positive relationships. Experienced staff guide students through a wide arrange of activities such as: hikes, canoeing, open water kayaking, mountain biking, white water rafting, skiing and snowshoeing.  The benefits of the OE Program carry over into the classroom. Students who commit to the OE Program develop stronger relationships with the staff leading to an increased investment in their education. Additionally, students are pushed physically and mentally often leading to a healthier lifestyle.