Physical Education

  • Student with ball In our Physical Education classes, the main goal and focus is to have our students become active learners through a variety of different sports and activities. Students get an opportunity to explore and develop many different body movements and skills that are utilized in our structured activity lessons. It is also one of our goals to influence our students to be active beyond the physical education setting. They are encouraged to seek alternative opportunities to be physically active children, utilizing what they are exposed to within our classes as a catalyst to their involvement in organized sports or recreational activities. Further, students learn more than physical education as social skills, behavior regulation, team building and gross motor goals are all addressed. In all of our activities, it is expressed how “safety” is our number one priority, with “having fun while learning” being a close second. In the end, we strive for each day to be an exciting and positive learning experience for all of our students.

  • For more information, contact:

    Rosa DeMauro
    Physical Education and Health Teacher