Students with small robot In S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics), students apply the knowledge they have gained in grade level science curriculum to design and create during hands-on enrichment activities both in the STEM Lab and Greenhouse settings. Working in small groups, students are encouraged to use teamwork to test solutions to challenges, building their social skills, problem solving and self confidence. In the STEM Lab, mistakes or unsuccessful trials are supported as an important part of the learning process. Students have access to technologies that promote learning and creation through tasks such as coding, robotics, electronic circuitry, or designing 3D printed materials. Zspace and VR Goggles provide additional learning opportunities in a 3-dimensional virtual reality format. In the Greenhouse, life science concepts are reinforced as students observe life cycles and interactions of plants and animals in action. Students develop outdoor skills, cultivate kindness and connect with their environment through the process of growing and eating food from the garden and caring for the animals that make up part of our small greenhouse ecosystem.