• Valley Collaborative is a participating provider of the Competitive Integrated Employment Services (CIES) program established by The Executive Office of Health and Human Services. Both MRC and DDS fund Valley Collaborative to utilize all five CIES service components to adults with disabilities. The five CIES comprehensive services components include :
    • Intake, Evaluation, and Assessment of consumer’s vocational interests and goals.
    • Job‐targeted Educational and Skills Training Activities including soft or technical skills that will prepare consumers to enter the job search and placement environment.
    • Job Development/Placement services to obtain employment and support to maintain consumer’ employment.
    • Initial Employment Supports are provided to stabilize competitive employment from the thirty‐first day through ninety days.
    • Ongoing Supports are offered past ninety days with supports where and when needed.
    Valley Collaborative’s job development team has eight members totaling over 100 years of experience in building community business partnerships and working to assist people with disabilities find and secure competitive employment.
    Referral Process/Contact
    Initial contact from DMR followed by referral packet sent to :
    Program Supervisor
    40 Linnell Circle
    Billerica, MA 01821