Intensive High School Classroom
The Intensive Special Needs Programs provide comprehensive services to students with moderate to intensive physical, developmental and intellectual impairments.
The program provides specialized instruction to students whose disabilities significantly impact their educational performance in general education settings. Services can be provided in Valley Collaborative buildings, buildings of our member districts and also in public school buildings.  This allows for a wide variety of community outings, opportunities for integration into public school settings  and continued program growth to the meet the needs of our member districts and diverse student population.
Speech, physical, and occupational therapies, behavioral consultation and nursing services are provided according to individual students’ IEPs.
Offers a curriculum consisting of functional academic, vocational, social and life skills/ADLs.  Students have opportunities to interact with typical peers throughout the day, using integration and reverse integration strategies.
Students are also presented with opportunities for community instruction as well as hands on vocational instruction.  
Any questions, contact the ISN teacher Amy Maggin
Referral Process/Contact
Initial contact from SPED Director, followed by referral packet sent to a collaborative administrator at the address below.
Kristine Bonsack, Principal
40 Linnell Circle
Billerica, MA 01821