Valley Landscaping/Home Improvement Services

  • Valley Collaborative Vocational High School Landscaping Crews have been serving our community for over 10 years and are currently taking on new clients. Our Landscaping Crews can provide the following services.  Please note some of our rates have changed.
    • Lawn Mowing-------------------- $30 to $45 (Depending on lawn size)

    • Lawn Maintenance ------------- $20/hr (In Addition to Lawn Mowing)

    • Spring/Fall Lawn Clean Up--- $100 Daily Rate

    • Trash clean up only------------- $25/hr

    • Mulching only-------------------- $35/hr (Mulch needs to be provided by owner)

    • Watering Plants-------------------$20/hr

    • Shoveling Driveways----------- $30/hr

    • Sanding & Salting--------------- $30 to $50 (We provide materials)

    Our students are NOT professionals but are trained and supervised by professional landscapers. By using Valley Collaborative Landscaping Crews as your primary Lawn Care Team, you are helping teach our students valuable life skills for an affordable price.