Physical Therapists

  • Our Physical Therapy Team focuses on the following:

    Physical Therapy (PT) services are available to all programs across Valley Collaborative and its member school districts based on student need and documentation within the IEP. PT services are focused on promoting access to academic curriculum, participation in school activities, improving access to the school environment and addressing post-secondary transition goals. Therapy is provided through an integrated therapy model, in which direct services are provided within the classroom, community and vocational environments to maximize generalization of skill and interdisciplinary team approaches. 

    • Functional Mobility
    • Positioning to promote optimal participation
    • Gross motor skills and motor planning
    • Equipment assessment (wheelchairs, walkers, seating)
    • Tonal inhibition and facilitation
    • Posture
    • Range of Motion and strengthening
    • Vendor consultation
    • Orthotics management
    • Core stability and strengthening