• The Valley Collaborative Safety Committee’s mission is  to organize and administer a common sense approach for creating a safe environment for staff, students, and the general public as well as the most efficient responses to different emergencies in all of our facilities. The Committee meets monthly in a roundtable format to discuss new state protocols, current events, trainings, and innovative ideas regarding educational safety.
    Valley Collaborative Safety Committee Members:
    Dr. Chris A. Scott

    Paul Donovan

    Nicole Noska

    Annie Willis

    Riley O’Keefe

    Jess Scalzi

    Melina Seitzinger

    Sean Glavin

    Brian Mihalek

    Pam Walker

    Chris Cowan 

    Julie Fielding

    Kristine Bonsack

    Joe Venskus 

    Darren Goad

    Mark Morreale

    Officer Dan Duggan