The Valley Collaborative Safety Committee’s mission is  to organize and administer a common sense approach for creating a safe environment for staff, students, and the general public as well as the most efficient responses to different emergencies in all of our facilities. The Committee meets monthly in a roundtable format to discuss new state protocols, current events, trainings, and innovative ideas regarding educational safety.
Valley Collaborative Safety Committee Members:
Dr. Chris A. Scott - Executive Director
Paul Donovan - Network / Systems Administrator
Nicole Noska - Middle School Principal
Annie Willis - Elementary School Principal
Riley O’Keefe - Vocational Coordinator
Jess Scalzi - Lead Nurse
Melina Seitzinger - Social Worker
Sean Glavin - Director of Operations and Facilities
Brian Mihalek - Middle School Lead Teacher
Pam Walker - Elementary Lead Teacher
Chris Cowan - Vocational High School Principal
Julie Fielding - Alternative High School Principal
Kristine Bonsack - SCOAP/COAP/School To Work Principal 
Joe Venskus - Vocational High School Mileau Coordinator
Darren Goad - Today and Tomorrow Operations Coordinator
Officer Brian West - Valley Collaborative School Resource Officer, Billerica Police Department