• The Interim Alternative Education Setting (IAES) 45-Day Assessment
    The Interim Alternative Education Setting (IAES) 45-Day Assessment Program provides an environment where psychosocial needs of each student are assessed in a small, structured setting in order to develop clear recommendations and a plan for the students’ school district. We offer an integrated approach where the 45-day students are placed in classrooms with their grade level peers. The student to staff ratio is high, in order to provide a high level of support and positive reinforcement.
    Students will partake in academics that correspond to their grade level curriculum under the Massachusetts State frameworks. Students also participate in music therapy, art therapy, physical education, social skills groups, lunch and electives. All services on a students’ IEP will be provided by our team of therapists and clinicians.
    Complete formal and informal assessments are conducted and a written report is presented at the termination team meeting. The 45-day assessment program does not make DSM 5 diagnoses, but utilizes assessment tools to assess the child’s competencies and weaknesses and to further direct diagnostic assessment. 
    We require that parents/caregivers come into the school for an interview and tour before the child can be accepted into our program. The students will not receive quarterly progress reports; rather this information will be included in the assessment report.
    It is the responsibility of the referring school district to coordinate transportation for the student and to mail out all invitations regarding the established 45-day assessment meeting. All 45-day meetings will be held at Valley Collaborative Middle School at 40 Linnell Circle, Billerica, MA.