• Michelle's Class Notes

    Winter 2017

    The SLS 2 class had an eventful winter. During November, the class went ice skating and rock climbing with the Experimental Physical Education Program. We had so much fun and everyone did great! We also had a site-wide Thanksgiving meal. Each class cooked part of the meal and we all sat together to enjoy the food. During December, we participated in a door decoration for which we won a certificate for best student involvement! 

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    October 2016

    This October, the SLS class enjoyed spending time outdoors. We went hiking with the Experimental Physical Education program at Weir Hill in Andover, MA. Many students attended the after school Halloween dance. In school, we celebrated Halloween by wearing costumes and decorated pumpkins.

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    September 2016

    September has been a busy month for the SLS class! Students and teachers are happy to be back in school. This month, the class took a field trip with the Experimental Physical Education Program. We went canoeing on Walden Pond in Concord, MA. While at Walden Pond, we had a picnic lunch, caught turtles and went swimming.

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    Summer 2016

    The SLS 2 class had a busy summer! The class welcomed many new friends who joined us for the six-week summer session. This summer, we spent most of our time outdoors. We went to the Stone Zoo, to Great Brook Farm, sailing on the Charles, saw the Lowell Spinners, and played mini golf. We also went biking, kayaking, and bowling. We had so much fun! On top of our educational activities, every Friday, we went grocery shopping then spent the day cooking. After our adventurous summer, everyone is looking forward to vacation to rest up before the school year!

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    May 2016
    During May, Michelle’s class participated in the Special Olympics! The class participated in all of the games, which included running, throwing, kicking, and navigating an obstacle course.  Everyone won gold medals and had a lot of fun! The class also took a field trip to the Minute Man National Park located in Concord, MA. We walked across the Old North Bridge and through a field where the historical American Revolutionary War began.
    Michelle Class News  Michelle Class News
    Michelle Class News Michelle Class News Michelle Class News
    April 2016
    The SCOAP 2 class spent a lot of time outdoors during April. We took many field trips to conservation land. The class went to Great Brook Farm where we had a picnic and fed the farm animals. The class also went to the Acton Arboretum where we enjoyed seeing spring flowers. With the Experimental Physical Education Program, the class went to the Ipswich Wildlife Sanctuary.
    March 2016
    March was a busy month for Michelle’s class. The class went ice skating with the Experimental Physical Education program. It was a lot of fun! The class also took a trip into Boston. We walked through the Holocaust Memorial, saw the Old State House, and saw the Granary Burial Ground where famous people such as Paul Revere and Samuel Adams are buried. To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, the class took part in a scavenger hunt. Both at school and in the community, we found things that are lucky and things that make us happy. During March, two classmates celebrated their birthday and they both graduated from school. We will miss them!


    February 2016
    During February, we celebrated a classmate’s birthday. He graduated from school, and we are sad to see him leave. We will miss him! After February break, the class enjoyed a walk on the Bedford Rail Trail.
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    January 2016
    The class was excited to come back to school after winter break! The class participated in a mac and cheese cook-off with the other classes. We made a classic baked mac and cheese, and it was delicious! We got to try all of the class’s mac and cheese and vote on which one we liked the best. The students also had the opportunity to go rock climbing with the Experimental Physical Education Program. It was a lot of fun!
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    December 2015:
    December was an active month for the SCOAP II class. The class went rock climbing with the Experimental Physical Education Program. The class also went ice skating with the SCOAP I and SCOAP Foundations classes. To celebrate the holidays, the class participated in a door decorating contest. The students constructed Olaf, and won an award for the most creative title. At the end of the month, the class participated in a holiday sing-along and sang Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.
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    November 2015
    November flew by for Michelle’s SCOAP class. The class was excited to celebrate Thanksgiving. We ate a Thanksgiving meal with the entire Pod 3. The class helped out by baking loaves of banana bread and pumpkin bread. After the meal, the class participated in a variety of games and activities. These include cookie and caramel apple decoration, pin the feather on the turkey, and a dance party.     
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    October 2015
    Golden Corn Holloween Fall Colors
     BIG CHAIR!!
    September 2015
    The SCOAP 2 classroom has had a great start to the school year! After an eventful summer, the class is ready to learn. The class has been working on their academics, including math and reading. The class also participates in art and music class. Community outings occur every week. Community lunch is always a favorite, and the students also volunteer their time at a local food pantry. On Fridays, the class cooks their own lunch, building independence skills. 


    Studying Hard Music is Fun! SCOAP 2

    July 2015
    The SCOAP II class has had a busy summer.  The students spent much of their time out of doors.  Their activities included kayaking, sailing, swimming, and exploring many area parks.  The class visited historic sites, toured Fenway Park and watched for future Red Sox stars at a Lowell Spinners game.   
    They learned about turning liquids into solids in a most delicious way at Sub-Zero Ice Cream.  On top of all of the fun and educational activities the students continued to volunteer at a food pantry in Lowell, make community purchases, and use public transportation.  Everyone is going to have to rest up for the fall session during our vacation time!
    Fenway Fenway Fenway Fenway
    Lowell Canal Lowell Canal Lowell Canal
    Lowell Spinners Lowell Spinners Lowell Spinners
     Sailing Sailing Sailing Sailing Sailing
    Stone Zoo Stone Zoo Stone Zoo
    June 2015

    Many students in the SCOAP II classroom enjoyed music, dancing, and dinner at the semi-formal dance.  It is always a great time and a highlight of our spring session. 
    Jasmine Amaya competed in the Special Olympic Games on Wednesday June 10th.   She brought home 2 medals, one silver and one bronze!   Our class went to the games and cheered for Jasmine and the other Valley Collaborative students.
    We also attended the SCOAP / COAP graduation to honor our friends who were graduating.
    During our last week of school some of our students will be attending a luncheon concert at the Indian Hill Music School in Littleton, MA.   Martha Warren, a prominent vocalist, will be performing Classical songs, Broadway hits, and American standards for the audience.   This will be a great time to practice those social skills!