• Structured Learning Time


    In accordance with the Massachusetts Student Learning Time regulations (603 CMR 27.00), Valley Collaborative students are scheduled to receive a minimum of 900 hours of structured learning time per school year for elementary school students and a minimum of 990 hours of structured learning time per school year for secondary school students. Valley Collaborative ensures that its structured learning time is time during which students are engaged in regularly scheduled instruction, learning, or assessments within the curriculum of core subjects and other subjects as defined in 603 CMR 27.02 (including physical education, required by M.G.L. c. 71, s. 3). The district’s structured learning time is verified through student schedules, IEP goals, student transition plans, transition planning forms, staff schedules, student payroll timesheets, quarterly progress reports, student assessments, and student learning time worksheets. The districts structured learning time does include directed study (activities directly related to aprogram of studies, with a teacher available to assist students), independent study (a rigorous, individually designed program under the direction of a teacher, assigned a grade and credit), technology-assisted learning, presentations by persons other than teachers, school-to-work programs, and statewide student performance assessments. The Valley Collaborative utilizes the entire school day including lunchtime and general assembly to address student’s social, emotional, behavioral needs as well as activities of daily living as prescribed by a student’s IEP or Section 504 Accommodation Plan.