• Valley Collaborative’s Induction and Mentor Program
    Our Mission Statement and Goals
    Valley Collaborative’s Induction and Mentor Program provides a system of structure and support for encouraging and guiding new teachers into our collaborative. Our mentor program offers opportunities for all new staff members to grow professionally. In addition, Valley Collaborative mentoring program orients and assists newly employed licensed teachers in the collaborative setting. It adds energy and new ideas into every classroom and program. It strives to enhance student learning, and improve the Collaborative morale. New teachers are offered a secure, welcoming, friendly environment. 

    Valley Collaborative mentoring and induction program goals are to provide support to new and apprentice teachers, encourage personal and professional growth and recognize the wisdom and expertise of the veteran teacher.
    Why is our Mentoring Program Important?
    The 1993 Education Reform Act (Chapter 71, Section 38G) and the Massachusetts regulations for Educator Licensure (603 CMR 7.00) require districts to provide a system of support for beginning educators and employees in the form of an induction program. Numerous studies and surveys indicate that new teachers who are provided with support are more likely to involve students in more complex learning experiences, manage classrooms more effectively, feel more confident in their decisions as an educator and are will willing to engage in a reflective practice regarding their teaching.