Parent Advisory Group Mission Statement


The Valley Collaborative Parent Advisory Group works to support all children and parents with special needs in our community. We are committed to:



  1. Promoting a platform for discussion for parents to share information, discuss common concerning matters, and interests among the population of students. 


  2. Communicate with local, state and national organizations that support parents and children with special needs.


  3. Meet with our Administrators and appropriate Valley Collaborative personnel as needed, to participate in discussions regarding education, health and safety our students.


  4. Promote communication among our families in all of our programs. 


  5. Provide informational and educational forums to parents, students, and educator and all other professionals involved with children with special needs.


  6. Promote communication that encourages understanding, acceptance and inclusion of our students.


  7. Increase the involvement of parents of children with disabilities in district policy making and decision making.


  8. Recommend priorities to be addressed by the district in their annual and long term strategic plan.




    Parent Advisory Group – Meeting Guidelines


    Valley Collaborative Parent Advisory Group meetings will be conducted with an administrator and officers using the following procedure:


  1. Meeting calendar and individual agenda’s and schedules will be set with Parent Advisory Group parents and administrator.   
  2. Parent Advisory Group academic year calendar will be posted on- line to Valley Collaborative website and sent home to parents.
  3. Agenda for each meeting will be posted on Valley Collaborative website one week prior that includes, time, location and content of meeting.
  4. Agenda will be posted in each school one-week prior to Parent Advisory Group meeting.
  5. Agenda will be sent home with students as a reminder at least 2 days prior to meeting.
  6. Cancelled or postponed Parent Advisory Group meetings will be posted on the website, and school representatives will be notified as soon as the cancellation is determined.
  7. Quarterly meetings may be conducted with parent representatives and administrators in addition to any scheduled seminars.
  8. Minutes will be taken and posted online to our website.
  9. Parent Advisory Group will meet at one of the following buildings: Elementary School Building, Middle/High school building.



Parent Advisory Group Goals:


1. Meet the state requirements pertaining to Parent Advisory Groups including all “required Policies and Procedures” .


2. Have a minimum of 3 meetings during the 2014-2015 School Year.


3.   Provide at least 1 informational workshop annually within the district that includes the following information:

  • The rights of the students, parents and guardians under state and federal special education laws, “according to state special education regulation 603 CMR 28.03 (1)(a)(4). 

4.  Have one additional seminar totaling 2 for the academic year.


5.  Identify and implement fundraising strategies to provide funds for at least 1 school project identified and agreed upon by the group.


6. To provide an effective partnership between families and the Collaborative community to enhance the lives of our students.


 Parent Advisory Group-Officers/Volunteers


Valley collaborative encourages all parents to support our Parent Advisory Group.  Our representatives are volunteers from each of our programs, which duties include:



  1. Correspondence with Valley PAG facilitators on concerning subjects
  2. Work with Valley PAG facilitators in organizing educational seminars for parents and guardians.
  3. Offer suggestions on ways to improve and expand services that our collaborative offers.


Selection of:

    1. To be completed at the beginning of every school year.

    2. To be voted in by parent advisory participants at the first Parent Advisory Group meeting.