The Experiential Physical Education Program provides adaptive physical education for students of Valley Collaborative in an outdoor education setting. In this setting we are providing students with a unique workplace in which they have active, hands-on learning that is both challenging and rewarding. This form of experiential education focuses on a loose outline that strays away from the “one-size-fits-all” learning and instead relies on creativity and the need to adapt to changing circumstances. Essentially, the students find themselves in a leadership role which encourages active participation in their own learning. In activities such as paddling, climbing, fishing, hiking, etc. the students implement valuable life skills (e.g. decision-making, communication, team building, critical thinking, and self-directed learning). Adaptive physical education has a broad range of applications from group to individual challenges and can be as basic as physical activity (e.g. nature walks) and as broad as multi-step critical thinking with a team (e.g. low ropes courses). When students are made responsible for their educational outcome, especially as a community, it fosters motivation and can affect how these students view future learning. This program provides participants with life skills that can be applied both in the school system and at home and can have life changing implications.