• Autism Spectrum Disorder Classrooms


    The Valley Collaborative Middle School’s Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) classrooms provide services designed to meet the needs of students diagnosed not only with Autism, but also students who need similar supports due to issues with pragmatic and sensory needs, as well as a range of cognitive abilities and language needs.


    Social and Behavior Skills Development:


    The classroom provides consistency, positive reinforcement, predictability, visuals, data driven decisions and individualized behavior support plans, as needed. It is Valley's goal to provide each student with frequent and personally meaningful reinforcement, critical to sustaining motivation. Through a supportive therapeutic environment, accommodations and modifications are in place for students to be able to access the curriculum and make effective progress on a consistent basis.  Weekly instruction in social skills is provided for all students by a speech language pathologist alongside the classroom teacher. Generalization is extremely important and students are provided every opportunity to practice learned skills in a variety of environments. Our mission is to build a safe, respectful and responsible community.




    Our curriculum is based upon the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and Common Core requirements. Students receive instruction in literacy, math, language and writing, content areas such as science or social studies with a focus on functionality of skills. We have a variety of curricula to address all students’ needs. The curriculum utilizes a teaching approach based on the principles of Direct Instruction, task analysis, integrated therapy techniques and hands on experiences. Some of our students are ready to participate in more typical classroom curriculum and that is readily available to all students.