About Us

  • Valley Collaborative was established in 1976 to meet the special education needs of the students and adults of its nine member districts and surrounding communities. We currently serve over 400 K-12 students and 225 adults with a dedicated staff of 250 teachers, education specialists, therapists, paraprofessionals and adult support professionals. Valley also provides Social Security Administration (SSA), Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services (DDS), Massachusetts Commission for the Blind (MCB) and Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) programs for Individuals over the age of 18 with special needs.

    Valley provides a robust pathway for students to continue their careers beyond high school by providing high quality academic, therapeutic, and vocational services to individuals referred by both local school districts and SSA, DDS, MCB and MRC. We provide programming so students and individuals with special needs can reach their educational and/or occupational goals. By sharing its resources with multiple school districts and social service agencies, Valley is able to provide programming of superior quality at reasonable costs to all those it serves while meeting or exceeding state standards.