Referral and Admission of New and Transferring Students

    1. School District makes referral by contacting the appropriate school Principal.
    2. The Principal/Designee schedules an interview and tour of the student with their legal guardian (for students in the custody of the State, their Social Worker/Case Manager).
    3. During the interview and tour, the Principal/Designee provides the Guardian with the Admission Checklist, Student Handbook, and Admission Forms.
    4. If the IEP team is interested in the student attending the program, a full-day(s) visit can be scheduled.
    5. After the tour and full-day(s) visit (if required), if there are differences in the assessment of what services the student needs, a team meeting is held before admittance.
    6. A determination/acceptance letter will be sent to the sending district who will then notify the Guardian. The Guardian must return all enrollment documents to the Principal.
    7. After receiving the enrollment documents, the Principal informs the District and Guardian of the start date.
    8. Transportation will be arranged between the District, Guardian, and Transportation Company. Once transportation has been secured, the District/Guardian will confirm the student’s start date with the Principal.