• Today and Tomorrow Work Services
    Crystal at Wegmans Today and Tomorrow Work Services assists individuals turning 22 to continue to receive support in order to work in the community. The services address each individuals' identified goals regarding involvement in personal or community activities and work status. Referrals are accepted from the DDS Lowell area office. Referrals from out of region are negotiated.
    Community-Based Day Services
    Community-Based Day Services (CBDS) are provided with respect to the six quality of life areas outlined by the Department of Developmental Disabilities:
      • Respect and dignity
      • Individual control
      • Community membership
      • Relationships
      • Personal growth and accomplishment
      • Personal well being
    Individuals can choose to participate in an array of activities. Although work is not the primary goal for people in CBDS, they are provided the opportunity to participate in work experiences through Valley Collaborative community-based employment contracts with local companies or our own entrepreneurial businesses.
    Employment Supports
    People who participate in supported work services are provided with work opportunities in the areas of interior plant maintenance, building maintenance, merchandise processing, food service, mail processing, and packaging and assembly.

    A Valley Collaborative job coach may accompany individuals to an internship or volunteer placement initially, providing support as needed. Many individuals now work competitively as a result of these internships. If an individual finds an interest other than what is currently offered by established work contracts, work experiences can be established on an individual basis.

    Adults participating in Today and Tomorrow work services are invited to join bi-weekly Work Activities discussions. These are informal meetings that provide individuals with the opportunity to learn about topics like human rights, self-advocating, health issues, voter registration and work safety.  In addition, Valley Collaborative also offers after work recreation and social events, including a semi-formal dance.
  • Referral Process/Contact

    Initial contact from DDS, followed by referral packet sent to:
    Program Supervisor
    11 Excecutive Park Drive
    Billerica, MA 01821

    11 Excecutive Park Drive  
    Billerica, MA 01821
    Fax: 978-663-0759