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    Winter 2017

    School and Vocational Training 2 (SVT 2) has been very busy.  In Science we have just finished learning about the cell and are beginning to learn about heredity.  In Math we are continuing to strengthen our money skills as well as working on Algebraic expressions.  In English we have been honing our writing skills as well as our reading skills.  In December we went to Leda Lanes to bowl.  Some of our students attended the holiday dance.  It is always fun.  We also decorated our door for the holiday door contest.  The students made suggestions for the door, voted on their choice, drew plans, bought or found the supplies necessary, and decorated the door (800 cotton balls!).  SVT 2 took the bronze!  This month we are going to bake cookies for the chocolate chip cookie contest.  Let the best cookie win! 


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                Leda Lanes                       Holiday Dance                           Science – the cell


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                                    Template/blueprint                          Frosty - the door

    September 2016

    It has been a busy start for School and Vocational Training 2 (SVT 2). We have been honing our cooking skills, money skills, travel training skills, math skills, English skills, and our Social Skills. Community lunch is a great time to practice our money skills. We have Travel Trained to the North End and the Rose Kennedy Greenway. We went apple picking and have been making apple desserts during cooking classes. At Great Brook Farm we had a tour of the Barn and saw the cows in their habitat as well as watched some cows as they were milked by a state-of-the-art robot. We also met the baby cows. At the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary we were able to hike and feed the birds. If you held out your hand with food for the birds, they would swoop down and grab food right out of your hand before flitting away! 

     September 2016   September 2016   September 2016
     September 2016   September 2016
    Summer 2016
    School and Vocational Training 2 (SVT 2) has been very busy since we began summer school.  We have been cooking, travel training, exercising, and participating in field trips.  Thus far we have travel trained to Davis Square, the Rose Kennedy Greenway, and Harvard Museum of National History.  We have also been to the Science Museum, Salem Willows, Hartwell Tavern, a Spinner’s Game, Great Brook Farm, Lars Anderson Museum, and Fruitlands Museum. break.  
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    May 2016
    May was a very busy month for COAP 2.  We said goodbye to our classmate Conor as he gets ready to graduate.  We travel trained into Boston to eat lunch at Faneuil Hall to celebrate Conor’s last day with us.  Some of our classmates participated in the Special Olympics which were held in Lawrence.  Participants and observers had a great day.  Fitness is one of our favorite things.  We get very limber by doing a lot of yoga!  We continue to do our work as we look forward to our summer break.     
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    April 2016
    COAP 2 said goodbye to one of its students in April.  Alex Fee celebrated his 22nd birthday on April 30th.  The class went to Applebees to celebrate with Alex.  We wish him luck with his new endeavors.  COAP 2 also participated in Autism Awareness Month and National Arbor Day. 
    COAP 2 has been concentrating on Fitness.  Our workout consists of a combination of yoga and core strengthening exercises.
    February 2016
    COAP 2 has been busy with our academics.  We have working on learning about social boundaries using the Circles curriculum.  It helps us know more about strangers, friends, and family and how to behave when we are with these people.  We have been able to practice our math in cooking class.  We took advantage of the nice days we had in February and went outside as often as we could.  We also exchanged pen pal letters with our friends in SCOAP Foundations.  It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed the experience. 
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    January 2016
    COAP 2 students had a busy month.   As we worked on our academics, we also had the opportunity to go on a skating field trip with our experiential education guys Trevor and Josh.  Students had access to adaptive equipment if needed (or wanted).  We also enjoyed participating in the macaroni and cheese cook-off.  While we did not win, we had the opportunity to taste several types of macaroni and cheese.  Given the mild weather, we were able to spend time outside walking the circle. 
    Pat's Class  Pat's Class Pat's Class