• Our Elementary Behavior program provides a therapeutic, structured environment for students who have emotional, behavioral and social adjustment difficulties that impact their ability to make effective progress in a traditional school setting. We have the capability to cater to students with a range of cognitive abilities or learning disabilities (i.e. dyslexia, dysgraphia and non-verbal learning disorder) as well as those with executive functioning or behavior challenges.
    Social and Emotional Skills Development:
    The program’s behavior management system utilizes clear expectations and positive behavioral supports to help students learn alternative coping strategies, develop appropriate relations, focus on school, feel good about themselves and improve overall performance. Students are encouraged to choose personally relevant coping mechanisms and safe break spaces during times of stress. Weekly social skills groups for all students by a counselor or speech pathologist assists connecting positive behaviors to positive outcomes. All staff members reinforce taught social skills throughout the school environment. Developing a positive school community is important to our program.
    Our curriculum is based upon the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and Common Core requirements. Students receive instruction in literacy, math, language and writing as well as content areas such as science or social studies. We have a variety of curricula to address all students’ needs. The elementary program utilizes a structured assessment system that ensures all students goal’s are individual and meaningful. After regular assessment students are then grouped in skill based small learning groups for the best academic achievement possible.
    Our teachers have access to professional development coaches in literacy and math aimed at teaching teachers how to best assess and instruct our diverse population. 
    Program Location:
    135 Coburn Rd, Tyngsboro, MA 01879