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All in Sync at Valley Elementary

Lip Sync Video It's a tradition! For the second year in a row, students and staff at Valley Elementary collaborated on an ESY (otherwise known as Extended School Year) lip-sync video project. The project is a way for Valley Elementary to build community and celebrate the school by getting everyone involved and working together.

This year the students in Megan Ericson’s class acted as producers. They brainstormed and selected a song that would celebrate the mood of the school and promote positivity. They also helped plan and direct the filming of the video. The process brings the school together with a common activity and goal and culminates in a community dance party for the final scene.

At the end of the summer program, the whole school came together for a premier screening of the video. Everyone laughed and cheered, and supported their peers in a celebration of the school. 

Click on the video above to see the hard work and creativity of Valley Elementary students for yourself!